Culture of Churu

The culture of Churu is steeped in tradition arising from its history of annexation by the Rathores more than half a millenium ago. First the Kaler and Bhati Jats and then the Rathore Rajputs left their indelible impression on this quaint little town bordering the mighty Thar. The place is famous for the Salasar Balaji Temple, and legends associated with Lord Hanuman are an integral part of the culture in Churu. The artisans from neighboring villages craft excellent cane items, wooden toys, furniture gilded with silver and stuffed puppets. The Mingesar Mela, an annual fair in Churu, attracts thousands of tourists ever year.

Culture of Churu

Art and Craft in Churu

Churu has a flourishing industry based mainly on handicraft, agricultural produce and to some extent industrial produce. The handicraft in Churu is a mainstay of the economy and generates a sizeable portion of the district’s revenue. Churu is noted for excellently crafted wood boudoirs, beds, stools, cabinets and souvenirs, inlaid or gilded with silver. The floral motifs on the silver have a historical appeal of their own and are an ideal wedding gift to a new couple.

The highlight of the art and craft circuit is however their cane items; in Churu they are the most highly valued local handicraft items you may find. Elaborate depictions of elephants, Wedding Kalash (holy pot or vessel), miniature Jharokhas and scenes from battle using cane wire will leave you spellbound with their attention to detail.

Fairs and Festivals in Churu

Fairs in Churu
The Mingesar Mela is attended by thousands of locals alike, every year. All around you can see colourful kiosks decorated in true Bikaneri style, selling knick knacks right out of your dreams. The main attraction of this fair is the practice of giving away free food and sweets for all the attendees.

The other two prominent fairs in Churu are the fairs held on Ashwin Shukla Chaturdashi and the Bhaadra Shukla Chaturdashi, celebrated in conjunction with the Salasar Balaji Temple.

Festivals in Churu
The singular festival celebrated with great fanfare in Churu is Hanuman Jayanti, under the auspices of the Salasar Balaji Temple. The temple is recognized as a Siddhpeeth, a place of great spiritual power. Possessed people are said to be relieved of their anguish once they visit this temple. Do not miss the Boondi Prasad that the devotees receive when they visit the Salasar Balaji
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